June 22, 2005

Interview with Lisa Prenty

Jeff: My short program music this year is called Prelude in C Sharp Minor by Rachmoninov. It's just solo piano. We wanted something classy, simple and dramatic, so it is all of those things. It's by far one of my favorite short programs, like the favorite that I have ever had. It's sort of dark almost, which is cool. Really the theme of the program is just acceptance - accepting things as there are. If you don't like it, that's fine and if you do, I'm pleased that you do but its more so about me enjoying it and appreciating it myself!

Q: Did you pick the music?

A: Yes, I picked the music.

Q: How do you come up with these pieces?

A: [laughs] Its actually from the movie Shine - In the movie, there's a dark rainy scene and the piece is playing in the back. I was like, 'Ohh that's dark, I like that!' I started searching for versions of the piece that would fit.

Q: Did you actually have to go online to find the music?

A: I actually had the soundtrack, figured out what the song was and then I started looking for versions of it.

Jeff: This music was much harder to find. It's Naqoyqatsi, I don't really know the origin of the word but it means 'life as war' and it's a final movie to a trilogy. There are three movies; no words in the whole movie, just images and music and that's it. The music is by Phillip Glass, who has obviously done some incredible stuff. There's a lot of cello by Yo Yo Ma - that caught my eye when I was looking for music.

Q: You like the instrumental pieces? Unusual instrumental….

A: Yes, unusual is the key. I don't want to do the same stuff everyone else is doing. The theme of the program is how technology is sort of ruining what the earth once was. It's basically questioning myself - and everyone else - throughout the program you can see What are we doing? Its deep, it's intense.

Exhibition: * Jeff has not performed this piece in exhibition this year.

Does this year's exhibition have a lighter mood than your competition programs?

JEFF: No, not really. There's a fast tempo to it. Doug says that he always wants something fast for Galas, so that people don't fall asleep because there are too many slow pieces. So, I decided to pick something fast and heavy. It's called Butterflies and Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse and it's really cool because this band has an intensity but at the same time it has a classical background. It's a great combination.